Early or Delayed Flights

We do our very best to keep track of early/delayed flights, however, it is your responsibility to inform us as early as you possibly can.


If your flight is early/delayed and we are not informed we are not responsible for picking you up and a refund will not be given. However if we are informed of your early/delayed flight every effort will be made to accommodate customers on the next available bus.


Customers with emails/mobiles will be left a phone number to call upon their arrival so they can be placed on the next available service.


 If paying by cash , we accept no responsibility for any delays caused by traffic, accidents delayed flights or airport issues.


We rely on Sydney airport and Melbourne airport websites to check the flight status and there have been many occasions where the information is not correct. We suggest that if you know of changes to your flight BEFORE you board, please relay that onto your driver so he has a bit of an idea as to the length of delay beforehand. This way we will be in a better position to organise another driver for you.