Child Restraints

A child under the age of 5 is permitted to be held on the lap of an adult, a seatbelt is not required. We do not supply child seats due to hygienic reasons, however you are more than welcome to supply your own. All our buses have anchor points for child seats. Any child over the age of 5 must occupy a seat and wear a seatbelt.


Below are the appropriate laws in NSW and VIC as well as a study on child seats:


Should children use restraints in buses?

A ‘bus’ is defined as a motor vehicle which seats more than 12 adults (including the driver).


If the vehicle has fewer than 12 seats, including the driver, then any children under the age of 7 years must use an appropriate child restraint or booster seat.


If the bus has more than 12 seating positions, including the driver, the children are not required to use child restraints or booster seats.


VicRoads website (child restraints on buses)

“..any child apparently under the age of 5 years who is being held on the lap of a seated passenger”


Something to ponder if using someone else’s child seat:


Children's car seats have twice as many dangerous germs as the average toilet, a new study has revealed.


Scientists at the University of Birmingham took swabs from safety seats and discovered an average of 100 potentially dangerous bacteria and fungi lurking in each square centimetre.


In comparison a toilet was found to contain around half that number - with just 50 germs in the same area.


The bugs included bacteria that can lead to nasty illnesses, including E. coli and Salmonella.


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 Cleaning/Damage Fee

Please note that if you or any of your party/children spill, vomit or in anyway damage whatsoever any part of the bus, a surcharge will apply and will automatically be taken from your credit card according to the cost to replace/repair or clean the item . A minimum charge of $50.00 will apply.